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PhD 2022 - Present
York University, Social & Personality Psychology


Master of Arts 2022

York University, Social & Personality Psychology

Thesis: Judgements of propaganda near and far: national identity media evaluations


Honours Bachelor of Arts 2016 — 2020

University of Waterloo, Department of Psychology
Thesis: The Devil is in the details: Uncovering asymmetrical assumptions about good and evil deities



Dunk, R. J., Goulding, B. W., Fugelsang, J. A., & Friedman, O. (2021). Butt-dialing the devil: Evil agents are expected to disregard intentions behind requests. Journal of Experimental Social Psychology.


Dunk, R. J. & Mar, R. A. (2022). Cognitive exploration drives engagement and re-engagement with imaginary worlds, but not spatial exploration as predicted by evolutionary theory. Behavioral and Brain Sciences. 

Quinlan, J. A., Dunk, R. J. & Mar, R. A. (2023). Weird reactions to weird Twitter: How expectation and intention relate to appreciation for absurd humor. Psychology of Popular Media.

Dunk, R. J., & Mar, R. A. (Forthcoming: 2024). The Morals of (and in) Stories., Handbook of Ethics and Social Psychology. Edward Elgar Publishing Ltd.


Dunk, R. J (2023, June). Parasocial Enemyship: Scale development and associations with personality and well-being. Snapshot talk to be presented at the Canadian Psychological Association 2023 Annual Convention, Toronto, ON, Canada. 


Dunk, R. J (2022, February). Judging extended parts of the self: Our own nation. Poster presentation at the Society for Personality and Social Psychology 2022 Annual Convention, San Francisco, CA, USA.


Dunk, R. J. (2022, January). Parasocial Enemyship: Construct and Scale Development. Invited talk for the Department of Personality & Social Psychology at York University. 


Dunk, R. J. (2020, November). Racial inequality in psychology: The publishing dilemma. Invited talk for The MAR Lab.


Dunk, R. J. (2021, March). Morality, Religion, and Justice. Invited lecture for Cultural Psychology PSYC 3350 at York University. 


Dunk, R. J. (2021, March). Psychological Distance And Extended Parts Of The Self. Invited talk for the Department of Personality & Social Psychology at York University. 



Fernandez, E. (2021, September 15). Angels care about what you mean, while devils care about what you say. Forbes. 


Graduate Student 2020 — Present

The MAR Lab
Dr. Raymond Mar


Affiliated Graduate Student 2020 — Present

The Cultural Collective Lab

Dr. Richard Lalonde


Research Practicum 2020 — 2020

Wisdom and Culture Lab

Dr. Igor Grossmann

Research Assistant 2018 — 2020

Language and Infant Development Lab

Dr. Katherine White

Research Assistant 2017 — 2018

Psychological Intervention Research Team

Dr. Walter Mittelstaedt



Ontario Graduate Scholarship 2023 - $15,000

Ministry of Colleges and Universities

York University


Silver Medal Undergraduate Essay Prize 2020

Philosophy Department
University of Waterloo

Degree Honours with Distinction 2020

University of Waterloo

President’s Scholarship 2016

University of Waterloo



H.B.A Thesis Co-supervisor 2021 — 2022

Acevedo Benitez, K. (in prep). Validation of a Food Motivation Measure: The Comfort Food Motivation scale (CFM)

Vice President 2021-2022
Psychology Undergraduate Mentorship Program: Vice President 

Undergraduate Mentor 2020-2023

Psychology Undergraduate Mentorship Program

Teaching Assistant
Cultural Psychology (PSYC 3350) F 2020, W 2021, W 2022
Introduction to Research Methods (PSYC 2030) F 2021

Personality (PSYCH 2130) F 2023, W 2023

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